Louisiana Lovin’

Back in 2014, Yvette Landry and Roddie Romero went into La Louisiane studios and tracked “I’m Leaving It Up to You,” a song recorded by Dale & Grace, in 1963, and whose version became the only Number 1 Billboard Hot 100 Chart song to come out of Lafayette. The two enjoyed working together so much that a new group was formed and a stellar record is on the way! Yvette Landry & The Jukes (featuring Roddie Romero) recently wrapped up “Louisiana Lovin’,” a new album recorded at Dockside Studio in Maurice, LA. The record will be officially released July 27, 2018. With the help of Eric Adcock, Josef Butts, Jermaine Prejean, Derek Huston, Richard Comeaux and Beau Thomas, this recording will take you back to the dance halls and swamp pop hits of the 1950’s.

“I’m proud of this record. It is the music that I grew up listening to and dancing to. It is music from my home…my people. It is inside of me and it is something that I want to keep alive. It is good music, good friends, and good time—a little “Louisiana Lovin’.”

Yvette Landry

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Should Have Known


Awarded Offbeat Magazine’s “Best Country/Folk Album” of the Year

Yvette Landry’s debut album is the whole package – great songs, intimate and direct songwriting, killer musicians and excellent production.  Yvette shows that that honky-tonk lives on in her native Louisiana – heartache, hard-living, and strong, gutsy women all show up in this album.  Her songs have something that music lovers crave – they sound new and old at the same time, like long-lost gems from country’s 1950’s heyday.

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No Man’s Land


Yvette Landry delivers a beaut that honky-tonks its way through an assortment of colorful tales told mostly from a woman’s perspective. Whether it’s turning the tables, perpetuating romantic failure or finding lasting love, she covers a wide range of topics as captured by an observant eye.

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Oh What A Silent Night


Ring in the holiday season with the sounds of pedal steel, fiddle, and country blues. Yvette Landry’s “Oh, What a Silent Night” makes Christmas sound like the Louisiana countryside, and her voice brings heartache and beauty to the holiday sound track.


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Me & T-Coe’s Country


Yvette Landry carries a torch HARD for true honky-tonk. Her new album, Me & T-Coe’s Country, is all pedal steel, loping guitar lines, and slightly smokey, sweetly beautiful and seriously twangy vocal lines. Yvette’s voice is right up front;  hers is a voice that could rival any other.  Richard’s pedal steel is dead-on, keeping with an era gone by, yet breathing life into these songs making them new and powerful.  When you listen to this one, remember to keep the Kleenex close by and the box of razors out of sight.

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