Louisiana Lovin'

Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter/guitar player/multi-instrumentalist Yvette Landry’s new recording, Louisiana Lovin’, is a collaboration with Grammy-nominated Louisiana kindred spirits–Roddie Romero, Eric Adcock, Chris French, Gary Usie and Derek Huston, a veritable who’s who of the Louisiana’s music scene.


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The groups new record, Louisiana Lovin’, grew out of a previous recording session where Landry and Romero remade the only number one hit to come out of Lafayette, Louisiana — Dale & Grace’s rendition of “I’m Leaving It Up to You.” Yvette & Roddie’s rendition became a local hit…not only with area fans, but with them as well. The two knew that they needed to record more together. Landry made a call to Dockside Studio, a 12- time Grammy Winning gem in Maurice, Louisiana, and shortly after, magic was made.

Yvette decided to give this new collaboration a name knowing that this unit was special. The group has an old school feel… Louisiana Swamp Pop at its finest…and thus, Yvette Landry & The Jukes were born.

Yvette Landry & The Jukes are instantly classic and simultaneously brand new; timeless in the feel-good groove of a gone by era and yet timely in the message that we might all do just a little bit better with some “Louisiana Lovin”.

“I’m proud of this record. It is the music that I grew up listening to and dancing to. It is music from my home…my people. It is inside of me and it is something that I want to keep alive. It is good music, good friends, and good time—a little “Louisiana Lovin’.”

Yvette Landry

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