Yvette Landry Expresses Music Physically – Offbeat Magazine

Musician Yvette Landry of Breaux Bridge has become the darling of the south Louisiana music scene. Her work as bassist for the Grammy-nominated Bonsoir Catin, Lafayette Rhythm Devils, and leader of her own Yvette Landry Band has established her reputation as a go-to player for touring and sit-in sessions.

Yvette Landry, Photo by Sam Irwin, OffBeat Magazine, May 2015

She does have a different life away from the footlights, however. To her students, she’s Miss Landry. Among the deaf and hearing-impaired of Acadiana, she’s a volunteer sign language interpreter at the Lafayette-based Deaf Action Center Sunday church services. At times, she’s the peacemaker called by Lafayette Police when hearing-impaired people are involved. Finally, she’s a teacher/mentor for beginning sign interpreters across Acadiana.

It’s ironic though that a culture which enjoys music as much as south Louisiana’s Cajuns are disproportionately affected by Usher Syndromes, a disease that renders victims deaf and blind.

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