Louisiana Lovin’

Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter/guitar player/multi-instrumentalist Yvette Landry’s new recording, Louisiana Lovin’, is a collaboration with Grammy-nominated Louisiana kindred spirits–Roddie Romero, Eric Adcock, Chris French, Gary Usie and Derek Huston, a veritable who’s who of the Louisiana’s music scene.

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YvetteLandry ShouldHaveKnown

Should Have Known


Awarded Offbeat Magazine’s “Best Country/Folk Album” of the Year

Yvette Landry’s debut album is the whole package – great songs, intimate and direct songwriting, killer musicians and excellent production.  Yvette shows that that honky-tonk lives on in her native Louisiana – heartache, hard-living, and strong, gutsy women all show up in this album.  Her songs have something that music lovers crave – they sound new and old at the same time, like long-lost gems from country’s 1950’s heyday.

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YvetteLandry NoMansLand

No Man’s Land


Yvette Landry delivers a beaut that honky-tonks its way through an assortment of colorful tales told mostly from a woman’s perspective. Whether it’s turning the tables, perpetuating romantic failure or finding lasting love, she covers a wide range of topics as captured by an observant eye.

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YvetteLandry OhWhatASilentNight

Oh What A Silent Night


Ring in the holiday season with the sounds of pedal steel, fiddle, and country blues. Yvette Landry’s “Oh, What a Silent Night” makes Christmas sound like the Louisiana countryside, and her voice brings heartache and beauty to the holiday sound track.


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