Hank Williams Tribute

Recently, Yvette Landry made her first appearance in the 19th annual “Tribute to Hank Williams, Sr.” at the Liberty Theater in Eunice, Louisiana. This event has steadily become one of the must-see events in Acadiana.

“In the past, the show has been built around cherished artists who actually knew, or performed with, Hank Williams,” said tribute founder and fiddler Terry Huval. “Sadly, we have lost some of them over the past years.”

“During the first decade of the show, we were often graced with Hank’s legendary steel guitarist, Don Helms, who played with us for seven years until his passing in 2008. And, we can never forget D. L. Menard and Vin Bruce who shared with us so many stories and gave our audiences such wonderful perspectives on Hank’s personality and life.”

And although many of the original performers have passed, new performers to the event carry on the tradition.