Louisiana Lovin’ CD Release Party!

In southwest Louisiana, there’s a party for everything.  The release of Yvette Landry’s latest CD, Louisiana Lovin’, is no exception.  And, there’s much to celebrate!  Holding strong for 5 weeks straight at the #1 Honky-Tonk Album spot on the Americana RMR chart, here’s what some critics are saying…

“Landry and Romero have assembled a dance floor filler-upper here that’ll keep you entertained or in trouble depending on your marital status at partner-choosing time.”

— Grant Britt, No Depression

“While the focus is swamp pop and early Gulf Coast rock ‘n’ roll, ‘Louisiana Lovin’ is simultaneously a classic and contemporary affair recalling the golden era of Louisiana’s dancehalls and juke joints.”

— Dan Wilging, Offbeat

“Songs you know, songs you love, and delivered with a joy and an energy that make them breathe and dance anew.”

— Michael Doherty’s Music Log

“Hopefully this is not a once-off project as this band is way too good not to repeat the magic again.” — Paul McGee, Lonesome Highway
“I pretty much love everything.”

— Marci Bristol, Blue Suede News