Ramblin Jack Elliot, Yvette Landry, Richard Comeaux

Yvette Landry & Ramblin’ Jack Elliott

If you’re not familiar with Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, perhaps the best way to get to know him is to read what a few people have to say about him…

Nobody I know—and I mean nobody—has covered more ground and made more friends and sung more songs than the fellow you’re about to meet right now.  He’s got a song and a friend for every mile behind him.  Say hello to my good buddy, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott.
Johnny Cash, The Johnny Cash Television Show, 1969.

His tone of voice is sharp, focused and piercing.   All that and he plays the guitar effortlessly in a fluid flat-picking perfected style.  He was a brilliant entertainer….  Most folk musicians waited for you to come to them.  Jack went out and grabbed you…..  Jack was King of the Folksingers.     Bob Dylan, Chronicles: Volume One

Not too shabby!  Jack is the real deal – running away at the age of 14 to join the rodeo, Jack traveled the world learning to play along the way.

Jack has recorded forty albums; wrote one of the first trucking songs, Cup of Coffee, recorded by Johnny Cash; championed the works of new singer-songwriters, from Bob Dylan and Kris Kristofferson to Tim Hardin; became a founding member of Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue; and continued the life of the traveling troubadour influencing Jerry Jeff Walker, Guy Clark, Tom Russell The Grateful Dead and countless others.

This past November, Yvette Landry & Richard Comeaux had the pleasure of sharing the stage at the Red Dragon Listening Room, with Jack.  If you ever have the opportunity to sit and listen to Ramblin’ Jack Elliott’s songs and stories in person, jump on the opportunity.  You won’t be disappointed!