Yvette Landry Added to Voice Works Faculty

Singing is compelling.  It is the natural human effort to communicate. Singing maintains culture  and  just makes you feel good.  This year, award-winning singer/song-writer, Yvette Landry will be joining the faculty of Voice Works at Centrum  in Port Townsend, Washington.  Yvette will be joining the ranks of world-class artists Tim O’Brien, Bill Kirchen, David Keenan, Caleb Klauder, Riley Baugus and Emma Beaton just to name a few.

More information on Voice Works at Centrum can be found at http://centrum.org/programs/voice-works/

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1 thought on “Yvette Landry Added to Voice Works Faculty”

  1. I can’t sing to save my soul, but I know good singing and songwriting when I hear it. Just to be in the same room with Yvette Landry would kick-start my music-making, step-counting, dancing/singing artistic self.

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